Jones' Seasoning Blends OwnerMy name is June Jones and I live in Tacoma, Washington. I have been a hairdresser for over 28 years and I continue to love my career. Now, at 47 years old, I surprisingly have stumbled on a new adventure in my life. Over the last several years I have developed a salt free product out of concern for others who have heart problems.

One day while I was styling one of my elderly clients’ hair, she was discussing with me how her husband had recently been advised to cut the salt out of his diet due to his heart ┬ácondition.

I was distraught because they had tried many salt substitutes on the market and could not tolerate the taste of any of them. During the same time frame my brother had a heart attack. He pulled through thankfully, but he had also received instructions from his doctor to cut the salt out of his diet. My brother shared with me that he could not tolerate the taste of the salt substitutes that he had tried.

I was very concerned about both situations, but I had been unaware that too much salt in the diet could be unhealthy. I tried a number of salt substitutes myself and realized why it was so difficult to follow the doctors orders. I got busy doing research and put a salt free seasoning together. It took time and a lot of work. I took some over to my client’s house and sent some to my brother in North Carolina. THEY LOVED IT! I realized I had to share this information with others so they could also have the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of their food once again.

Thank you for visiting our site and I sincerely hope that you try the Salt-Free and Gluten-Free products from Jones’ Seasoning Blends.

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