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Sherri Heise R.Ph., Pharm.D.CACP

My past experience with salt substitutes was when I was caring for my grandmother. On her doctor’s orders she was on a low-sodium diet. The salt substitutes (you all know the brand names) were just awful. I would try to eat with her but was unable to tolerate even one bite. Her strict diet severely diminished her quality of life, which caused her to become very frustrated, and she began to “cheat” just so that she could have some enjoyment from her food. Because my experience with those very bad-tasting products, I very hesitantly tried Jones’ salt substitute. I expected to encounter the same taste as with the others, and actually tried to taste something bad, but that was not the case. It actually tasted great and had no bad taste or aftertaste. Although I am not on a low-sodium diet, I use it on many of my regular foods and continue to love it. I wish this product would have been available when my grandmother needed it.